We are offering our complete DOT Catalog for $5.00 per person per month!  The below courses are a sampling of the 50 + courses your drivers will have access to in the DOT Catalog. If taken individually these courses would cost more than $1,800.00 per person. 

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Alabama Metal Coil Certification-(Now being enforced in the state of Alabama and soon to be in force in Indiana!)

CSA - A Quick Start Guide for Drivers

CSA - A Quick Start Guide for Managers

CSA - Training for Drivers of Hazmat Shipments

CSA BASIC 1 - Unsafe Driving FMCSRs

CSA BASIC 2 - Fatigued Driving (Hours of Service) FMCSRs

CSA BASIC 3 - Driver Fitness FMCSRs

CSA BASIC 4 - Controlled Substances/Alcohol FMCSRs

CSA BASIC 5 - Vehicle Maintenance FMCSRs

CSA BASIC 6 - Cargo-Related FMCSRs

CSA Manager's BASIC 1 - Unsafe Driving FMCSRs

CSA Manager's BASIC 2 - Fatigued Driving (Hours of Service)   

CSA Manager's BASIC 3A - Driver Fitness (CDL Regulations)

CSA Manager's BASIC 3B - Driver Fitness

CSA Manager's BASIC 4 - Controlled Substances/Alcohol FMCSRs CSA Manager's BASIC 5A - Vehicle Maintenance (Parts and
         Accessories) FMCSRs
CSA Manager's BASIC 5B - Vehicle Maintenance (Inspection,
         Repair, and Maintenance) FMCSRs
CSA Manager's BASIC 6A - Cargo-Related (Securement) FMCSRs
CSA Manager's BASIC 6B - Cargo-Related (HAZMAT) FMCSRs

Cargo Securement for Drivers: General Requirements
Cargo Securement for Drivers: Intermodal Containers
Cargo Securement for Drivers: Logs
Cargo Securement for Drivers: Metal Coils


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We believe that our online training can be an essential addition to
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Your goal in training should be simple - deliver, track, and ensure compliance with training requirements and best practices. By integrating our online training you can accomplish all of these
goals in an easy to use and cost effective manner. 

We can provide an online training program that fits your company whether you have one employee or hundreds. Don’t wait for an accident or for the DOT or OSHA to knock on your door. Start your on-line training today!

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