Midwest DOT Compliance
 "Your Local DOT Resource"    
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We are a hands-on consulting company and our goal is to educate and not just tell you what to do. Call for a complementary evaluation. We can offer your company:


- Evaluate your state of compliance
- Evaluate your current Safety Management System scores. 

Complete Safety Management:
-Review policies and procedures of commercial property and passenger carriers, working with on-site personnel to Implement changes as needed to     comply with all areas of FMCSA/DOT regulations including, DQ Files, Hours of Service, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Accidents, Roadside Inspections     and vehicle inspections.

Carrier Compliance Audits
- Quarterly DOT style audits with post audit action plans
- Consult on DOT/FMCSA issues


Chicago, IL and the Midwest Region                                                                     

San Antonio, TX on a limited case by case basis.   
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